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Autumn Mason Jar Paper Lantern Craft

Fall is in the air, and it’s time to change up our home decor to reflect the passing of the seasons. These paper craft lanterns are so easy to make, taking less than five minutes total crafting time!

Another enjoyable aspect of the autumn inspired Mason jar lovelies is that they cost almost nothing to make. All you have to do is print, cut, fold, paste and insert a glass mason jar into the paper shades! Cheap and easy with incredible results!

Print the Lantern Templates

Print the templates onto 11 x 17 tabloid size white cardstock. If you don’t own a printer that accepts tabloid paper, don’t worry! You can go to your local quick print shop or office supply store, such as Staples or any small local quick print business with the pdf files.They will be able to print them for you for a nominal fee.

Cut the Templates to Size

Cut the printable template to size with scissors. Your rectangle should now measure 16 inches wide and 7 inches tall.

Score and Fold the Printable Template

The printable has light gray dotted lines that do not show up in the photos. These lines are 1/2 inch apart and are to be used as scoring lines. Score the gray dotted line with a bone folder and ruler, then fold the rectangle accordion style so that it resembles the above photo.

Rub the bone folder across the pleats to sharpen the edges. Gently stretch the folded printable lengthwise making sure that the pleating remains.

Glue the Ends of the Printable

Apply hot glue, or an adhesive of your choice vertically down the edge of one of the short ends of the rectangle.

Place the other short end of the paper square over the hot glued edge and press down firmly with your fingers. Be careful to protect your fingers from hot glue burns. You should now have a lovely pleated paper cylinder.

Insert a votive candle or battery operated tea light into the base of the ball mason jar.

Light the Inserted Candle

Carefully light the candle in the ball mason jar (making sure to protect your fingers from burns), or turn on battery operated tea light. Long nosed butane lighters that you use to light your grill are the best with this type of lantern. Your fingers will be protected from the flame, and the candle will be easily lit because of the length of the lighter.

Slide the paper lantern over the outside of the ball mason jar and adjust the cylinder pleats and space them evenly around the mason jar.

Enjoy Your New Autumn Lanterns

That’s it! You’re finished! It is now time to enjoy the fall ambiance of your beautiful ball mason jar lantern shades! These lanterns are beautiful not only as home decor, but can be used outside to line your walkway or decorate your deck as well. Get ready to stand back and receive the compliments from your neighbours and friends when they come to visit your home!

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