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8 Unique Wedding Gifts to Register for in 2018

Crafting your perfect registry is easily one of the most fun to-dos of wedding planning, and couples tying the knot this year are having more fun than ever before. It’s no secret the days of registries filled exclusively with fine china are over, and 2018 brides and grooms? Well, their only rule is to toss all the rules out the window and feel free to register for unique wedding gifts.

While home goods, tools, and electronics are always a good idea, don’t forget to infuse your gift list with out-of-the-box ideas that represent you as a couple.

We’ve taken all the guesswork out of gifting and rounded up six totally unique wedding gifts to get your registry off to a perfect start.

Delivery Box Subscriptions

We live in an era of ease and convenience, with new companies popping up left and right ready to ship goodies straight to your door. Take advantage of the limitless possibilities and consider adding a subscription service to your registry as a super-unique wedding gift. Whether it’s a meal delivery service, a wine-of-the-month subscription, fresh flower delivery, or even a CSA box to support local agriculture—the options are endless. Plus, your guests will absolutely love giving a gift that keeps on giving.

Date Night Experiences

Tangible gifts are wonderful but don’t be afraid to include unique wedding gifts that can’t be wrapped onto that registry list. If you’re the couple who loves taking in new experiences together, think about including a pair of passes to your local art museum or concerts tickets to an upcoming show. These unconventional gifts will serve as great date night opportunities long after you say “I do!”

Pet Supplies

Have a fur baby family in the family or looking to bring home a pet post-wedding? No need to exclude them from the registry fun. This is a great opportunity to splurge on that dog bed of your dreams or upgrade to bowls, leash holders, and treat canisters that blend seamlessly with your decor style. You might be surprised to find some of your favorite home stores have pet gear that and can easily be added straight to your registry.

Interior E-Design Services

Looking to decorate your newlywed nest to reflect your style as a couple? Whether you need a small revamp or you’re starting from scratch, consider adding interior e-design services to your wedding gift wish list. Companies like SwatchPop, Decorist, and Laurel & Wolf—just to name a few—allow you to work with a professional interior designer to bring those home plans to life. Bonus, the affordable price point on e-design makes this a great gifting option.

Charitable Donations

For those who want a wedding day that gives back, requesting a charitable donation in lieu of gifts may be a great option. Determine a cause both you and your other half are passionate about plus a reputable nonprofit you’d like to support. While this out-of-the-box registry idea might take some additional explanation to your loved ones, it will serve as a perfect opportunity to raise awareness—not to mention, funds— for a cause you truly care about.

Home Entertainment Essentials

If you’re the kind of couple who prefers a date night in binge-watching all your favorite shows, feel no shame adding home entertainment must-haves to your registry. Whether it’s a new high definition TV, a surround sound system, an annual subscription to Netflix (or the streaming service of your choice), guests will know their gifts will undoubtedly get used again and again.

Anniversary Photo Session

With the big day approaching, your mind is likely focused on the upcoming wedding photos but don’t forget to consider how special an anniversary session might be. Imagine strolling hand-in-hand through the city or toasting with champagne in a quiet outdoor spot. No matter the setting, there’s no denying the newlywed season of your life includes memories you won’t want to forget. Work with your photographer to see if they’re able to offer a first-anniversary photo shoot for advanced purchase and add it as a totally unique wedding gift.

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