8 Types of Paper Crafts Defined

Many people enjoy crafting with paper. It is readily available, doesn’t cost much, and no super special talents are needed. Anyone can be a paper crafter. Here is a list of favourite paper craft techniques!


People have been exchanging greeting cards for hundreds of years, but it wasn’t until recently that handmade greeting cards have become a craft industry phenomenon. Birthday cards are the most popular greeting cards, followed by Christmas cards. Receiving a handmade card is a special gift, because of the time and effort someone spent making it. It lets the recipient know just how much you care about them.

Paper Flowers

Decorative flowers made from paper are beautiful. The best thing about paper flowers is that they don’t die. Paper flowers can look like the real thing or be fantasy, depending on what type of paper one uses. Many people make paper flowers for their weddings, and they look beautiful. Paper flowers also may be incorporated into home decor. Paper flower making is a craft that is not limited by age, both young and old can enjoy the art of paper flower making.


Decoupage is a centuries-old craft. It consists of gluing bits of paper onto various items. It is a craft that doesn’t cost very much and is easy to do. The only tools needed are paper scraps, scissors, and glue.

Decoupage embellishes furniture and other objects adding richness and intricate detail to the design. Decoupage became quite popular in the 17th century as a poor man’s alternative to painted furniture. Decoupaged furniture continues to be popular in this day and age.


Origami is an ancient technique developed in Japan where squares of paper are intricately folded and formed into various objects such as flowers, animals, and boxes. One of the requirements of traditional origami is that no glue, pencil marks or cuts are used to make the finished product. To be considered authentic origami, the final project must be produced solely from folds.

Paper Cutting

Most people think that paper cutting art is founded on the ancient German art called scherenschnitte. Various cultures have been practicing some form of this craft for centuries. A craft knife creates beautiful pictures with intricate and detailed cuts from a single sheet of paper.

Electronic die cut machines and laser cutters have made modern day paper cutting easy to achieve. These tools make it possible to cut intricate paper-cut works of art in minutes.


Quilling is the art of rolling thin paper strips into various shapes and attaching them with glue as embellishments to greeting cards and other paper crafts. Quilling has it roots in the Renaissance but is still considered a viable paper art today.


Paper-making as a craft is the art of recycling scrap paper into unique sheets of paper. Many crafters find that making their own paper is tremendously satisfying. Not only is recycling paper helping our earth, but it also creates beautiful papers that are unique and not available commercially.


Bookbinding is the paper craft of making a book from paper pages bound together under a hard cover. Crafters often will create their books in conjunction with scrap booking or journaling.

Now that you know how many different ways there are to craft with paper, choose a technique and get crafting. You will be amazed how satisfied you will feel when you are done with your craft project.

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