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7 Creative Doily Craft Ideas

Doilies make the cutest crafts! Many people already have these beauties in their homes either on display or tucked away in a closet or drawer. Doilies are delicate, feminine and look like lace. If you love adding a sweet vintage look to your craft projects, then you might want to consider doily crafting!

Scrapbookers will discover that adding bits and pieces of paper doilies to their layouts give a beautiful old world feel to their memories. Card makers find that doilies work well for card crafting too! Crafters have even made wall art from doilies.Paper doilies have hundreds of uses! Your imagination only limits you!

You can use crocheted doilies for any of the following projects, but paper ones will work just as well. They aren’t very expensive, and you can find handmade doilies for pennies at a thrift shop. Paper ones are for sale at the dollar store or your big box hobby store.

How to Create an Easy Spring Centerpiece

Nothing says spring is here more than tulips! Place a bunch of tulips into a mason jar, wrap with a doily and tie with string. A beautiful way to add a touch of rustic beauty to your home decor in seconds!

Paper Doily Banner Party Decor

Celebrate your mother on Mother’s Day with this doily banner. It is made from paper lace and craft paper, then embellished with some pink fabric flowers and ribbon. What a beautiful and special way to tell your Mom just how much you appreciate her on her extraordinary day!

Paper Doily Covered Books

Doilies aren’t just for placing under objects as table decor. Do you have old books that you no longer want? Why not add a touch of whimsy by painting old out of date books and decoupaging with doilies. Use them as coffee table books with a twist! So cute!

Paper Doily Party Decor

Doilies can be glued together to make hanging paper ball decor for parties. What makes these doilies stand out is the fact that they have color and texture. Can you believe that these vibrant colored ornaments are dyed with food coloring? Hop on over to U Create Parties to see how it is done!

Diy Doily Textured Ceramic Plates

What happens when you combine doilies and clay? You come up with some of the most beautiful ceramic dishes ever. The doilies add a lovely texture when pressed into clay! These one of a kind treasures make gorgeous gifts that will be treasured for years to come.

How to Doily Stencil a Pillow

Indigo dyed fabrics in home decor are quite popular these days and can be seen in catalogues of the trendier home decor companies. Make these remarkably sophisticated pillows with just paint and paper doilies. Who would have thought that such simple supplies would result in such a high end looking product? These pillows are a home decor project you will not want to miss!

Doily Snowflake Bowl

A doily snowflake bowl would make a beautiful decoration for a bridal or baby shower. It might even work well as table decor for a winter wedding. If you are planning to use it as a candle holder always remember safety first. It might be a good idea to use a battery operated tea light instead of a regular candle.

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