7 Construction Paper Flowers

Make construction paper flowers and fill your with bright fresh blooms even after spring has run its course. You’ll love making these construction paper flowers and diy flower craft ideas!

I’ve gathered up 7 of my favourite construction paper flower tutorials here. They are really easy to make and simply gorgeous when completed. With a little personal creativity, you can make a great gift for your loved ones or would be an elegant accent to your home. Here we go, enjoy!

Cabbage Rose Paper Flower

I love it and it’s really easy to do! This is sure a fun project to make.Using an embossing stylus or the back of a Sharpie marker, rub each petal in a circular motion until the petal starts to form a ‘cup’ shape.Using the back of a mouse pad or similar surface will make this process easier.  Do this for each petal of your first layer.

Gerbera Daisy Paper Flower

They are very easy to make and look beautifully amazing when completed!As always, feel free to do them to your own liking. If you want normal daisies, just omit the inking stage.

Distressed Vintage Flower Garland

This is a great idea to having beautiful flowers at hand for your home. They are really easy to make!Soft blush hues and glitter accents make up this unique boho floral highchair banner. Can be made for any age & used as a high chair banner or wall decoration.


I love the crumpling idea – really makes a big difference. This is also a perfect project to do with your kids.Trace hand about seven or eight times, enough to fit around a plate, and cut out. Glue around edge of plate. To add seeds, crumple small pieces of tissue paper and glue in center of plate.

The Poinsettia

This is a perfect project to make with your kids. It’s a perfect gift item for anyone you love!s just as unique as the rest, and despite this celebrated plant’s prominence during the holiday season, its story remains largely unknown.

DIY Mother’s Day Paper Flower Bouquet

This flower bouquet craft is fun and simple. It’s a wonderful Mother’s Day gift that every kid can give to their moms.Easy paper flower bouquet kids can make for Mom to give on Mother’s Day. This flower bouquet craft is fun and simple.

DIY Metallic Paper Gardenia

This is simply gorgeous and elegant to make – just in time for Mother’s Day.It seems that every time I create a new paper flower template it becomes my new favourite. With this marvellous metallic paper gardenia, it’s happened again.

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