6 Plant DIYs to Breathe New Life Into Your Space

Ever looked around your home and felt like things on the decor front have fallen a little flat? Maybe you’ve been working with the same aesthetic for too long. Or perhaps you’re like so many of us who need to continually update our surroundings to feel moved and inspired.

Regardless of your reasons for feeling uninspired by your space, the solution might actually be quite simple: plants.

Plants have a unique way of breathing new life into a space (literally and figuratively) and they work wonders to enhance every aesthetic and style sensibility—especially when they’re all dressed up with chic DIY goodness.

These plant DIYs will not only add more life, color and style to your home, they’ll also give you the opportunity to put your crafting skills to the test. But don’t worry, the tests are much more fun than they are difficult.

Mini Plant Stands

If you’re not ready to make a big DIY commitment, how about a teeny tiny one? These clever little cuties will instantly revive any space they’re in, but their unobtrusive design makes them particularly perfect for a home office.

Copper Plant Stand

Have an empty corner in your home that you can’t quite figure out what to do with? Add one or two of these copper plant stands for an instant style lift that’s equal parts creative and stunning.

Air Plant Hangers

These airy, boho-chic planters will add a nice dose of whimsy to any room they live in. Plus, they only take about 45 minutes to make. Just keep in mind that they’re only for air plants; water and soil will erode the containers over time.

Glass Terrariums

If you love the look of plants but would like to forgo the whole taking-care-of-them part, then this is the DIY project you’ve been waiting for. These glass terrariums will bring you the greenery look you crave without the work to maintain it.

Hanging Leather Strap Planter

Looking for a way to revamp a window? Instead of switching up your window treatments, consider incorporating this idea for an instant update that’s sure to give all of your neighbors a case of window envy.

Succulent Garden in a Bowl

Succulents are great plants to have in the home, especially for those just starting on their plant journey. They’re easy to care for, hard to kill and come in a wide variety of shapes and colors that will provide a wealth of visual intrigue. And this idea for how to beautifully showcase them couldn’t be easier to execute.

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