5 Reasons to Visit Beau Vallon and Savoy Seychelles Resort and Spa

Beau Vallon is the only beach on the Mahe island on the Seychelles that has it all. A peaceful ocean laps onto a sandy beach offering two impressive snorkeling sites, several restaurants serving delicious food jostle for attention while the city beckons with an active and buzzing night life.

There’s also a range of 5 star hotels by Beau Vallon. The biggest is the Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa hotel. Within its expansive grounds is a high-class Spa and fitness centre and 700sqm swimming pool – the biggest outdoor pool to be found anywhere on the islands.

If that’s not enough here are another 5 reasons to stay there. Once there, you’ll find more – we are sure of it. Here’s some to get you started

Ocean is by your side

Beau Vallon stands for “beautiful valley”. And this is indeed a beautiful valley with a curved ribbon of beach that stretches over 3 km along the ocean. It is peppered with trees that hang lazily over the water and its soft sand.

The calm waters and sandy ocean bed has no underwater current, stones or corals making Beau Vallon a safe and ideal place for young families to holiday.


Close by are couple of excellent snorkel sites. One of them is Anse Major – a small bay in the northern part of the Mahe Island. You can reach it in around an hour by foot hiking through the forest or by taxi from Beau Vallon.

Reef Anse Major has well-preserved corals home to various fish and marine life that hide in their crevices. In particular you may find blue-spotted grouper, the green birdmouth wrasse, the white-spotted boxfish, or young specimen of several species of moray eels.

The other is Ste. Anne Marine Park. It is about 5 km by boat from Victoria. Fishing is forbidden but among the sea grass you can see big sea turtles and friendly fish who will swim right beside you. A huge amount of plankton attracts big manta rays into these waters throughout April to December.

Bars and Restaurants

There are 7 restaurants and bars at the Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa featuring local, or orient cuisine as well as bars with local draft beer.

The best is the Mahek restaurant widely considered to be the best restaurant on the islands. And it deserves its fame. Look through glass wall that divides the restaurant from the kitchen and you may pick up some tips as you watch the food is cooked.

Spa Center

Relax in the calmness and comfort of the hotel’s Spa after an active day on the beach or a hectic long night filled with music. There are several treatments including massages, wrapping and some signature treatments that exclusively use Sothys products. Romantic couple treatments are available too.

Local Markets and Fairs

The popular Bazar Labrin market opens on the beach every Wednesday and on the last Saturday of each month. There’s an abundance of fascinating stalls and the market gets particularly lively from around 4 pm until 8.30 pm.

Stalls sell delicious food, spices and fish alongside local arts and crafts while barbecues offer freshly caught fish and banana St Jacques fritters, grilled breadfruit and plenty of other local delicacies including papaya chutney, mango salad or red lentils.

Live music ensures a party atmosphere, as local musicians and bands often hold impromptu performances.

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