3 Ways to get the Groom Involved in Planning your Wedding

We all know that when it comes to weddings it is more of a girl’s thing and most of us dream about our wedding day from when we are little girls. This however doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t include your fiance in your wedding planning. This is a very special time, and having the groom’s input can make your wedding even more memorable.

Weddings are often referred to as the bride’s big day, but there is someone else back there too, hiding behind the flower arrangements and dusting off his credit cards. He’s called ‘the groom’.

Many men are more than happy to let their fiancee take the lead when it comes to wedding planning. But months of decision-making, impossible budgeting, and compromising on dream details can really take its toll if it’s left to just one person. Cue the arguments.

Getting the groom involved in your wedding is important for both of you. You can share the burden of organisation, the budget worries and the decision making, and if you do it right, you can even make it fun. Here are a few tips on how to get the groom more involved.

Find out what’s important to him

The best place to start is always in conversation. Talk to the love of your life and find out what he likes and of course, dislikes. If he is a music fanatic and has a stack of old LP’s in his collection, then it will be obvious to put him in charge of the music and the entertainment. He will feel proud to be part of your wedding planning and it will strengthen the bond between the two of you. Go easy on him though and don’t talk about the wedding all the time. Remember to just be together some times and enjoy each other’s company.

Add an Element of the Groom to the Wedding

You’d be surprised at what guys can come up with. But it is usually the groom’s input in a wedding that adds the element of fun. Maybe your fiance and his groomsmen want to show off with a special dance at your wedding, or maybe the groom himself has a few moves to bust! If your man’s favourite colour for instance is turquoise, the men can all wear turquoise socks. Or if he’s a keen supporter of a sports team, they can all wear the team’s colours as underwear. Your husband-to-be will feel like he is part of the day by being involved, and you might learn something new about him at the same time!

Start a Project Together

The trend for crafty, rustic weddings is still going strong, and many couples are choosing to make their own party favours and decorations. This is something you can do together, in bits and pieces during the weekends. Make your project fun, maybe it will involve travelling along the coast to collect pretty shells or shiny pebbles for your centrepieces; or maybe it will get you out into the countryside to pick berries for little party-sized pots of homemade jam, or sloes for the wedding gin.

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