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10 Paper Boxes You can DIY

If you are a creative person, the chances are good that you take pride in giving the special people in your life gifts that you’ve given extra special attention. We artistic types not only look for gifts for our friends that are lovely, unique and beautiful but also package these presents in the most creative ways possible.

This list contains unusual gift box ideas that will help inspire your gift wrapping. Your presents will be as beautiful on the outside as the inside.Your friend will remember the gifts as special and will always look forward to receiving more.

Paper Mache Teapot Gift Box

This paper mache teapot is an unusually creative gift package for the tea drinkers in your life. It can hold food, tea or smaller sized trinkets. What a memorable way to tell your Mom, sister or friend just how much they mean to you! The paper mache teapot can also be used as cute home decor long after the present inside is gone!

Paper Pumpkin Pie Boxes

Paper pie slice boxes are so adorable! You can use them to hold real slices of cake or as gift packages for something else. Pumpkin pie is a traditional Thanksgiving holiday symbol, but you can change the look of this paper pie craft and decorate it as a slice of paper cake. Place several paper cake slices in a circle, and you have a whole paper cake! What a great idea for a bridal or baby shower. No matter the occasion, this paper favor box will be simply adorable!

Paper Birthday Cake Box

Make this gift box in the shape of a birthday cake. What a unique and fun way to celebrate someone’s special day! The box is so cute that it could almost pass as the present all by itself, but of course, its purpose is to hold the real gift inside.

Printable Animal Paper Tube Gift Boxes

Children will love these candy filled animal gift boxes. Fiestas y Cumples generously offers these adorable free printables for download. Just print and cut the fox, cat and bunny on computer paper, then wrap the printables around a leftover paper cardboard tube. Press the bottom together to form a box flap, and there you have it! Paper gift boxes that are so charming, and cost practically nothing to make!

DIY Pineapple Box

Summertime is party time! Why not start the season with a tropical themed social affair? This cute pineapple themed box paper craft would be perfect for the occasion! Fill the pineapple shaped boxes with little candies and give them to your guests as party favours.

Paper Grass Boxes

A paper grass gift box is perfect for an Easter basket, holiday table decoration or spring gift package. Fill the paper “grass” boxes with candy, treats and small trinkets. What an easy and fast spring craft! Kids will love these.

DIY Ice Cream Cone Treat Box

Ice cream cone shaped gift packages are adorable party decorations! Why not make some as party favor containers for your child’s next birthday party?

Origami Hydrangea Tessellation Box

Origami boxes are always lovely. This little beauty is a two-inch square package that would be just perfect for holding a ring or pair of small earrings.

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